Hyper-local journalism in the Czech Republic

The nitty gritty:

FUTUROOM is an experiment in hyper-local and Social Media news reporting on a national level in the Czech Republic.

This is a story of how a national news organization was built from the ground up, based on hyper-local journalism and social media.

The finished film will be posted as soon as it is done.

Technical details:

This film was story-boarded and shot in four days.

I used a Canon HF100 camcorder, a Sennheiser Evolution G2 wireless lavaliere kit, a Manfrotto Modo tripod, and for some sequences, a Sony T500 point and shoot camera.

Total value of my equipment: $1350

Is this truly lo-fi? In this case I would say yes. This is the cheapest I could make this type of film: HD, great sound and steady shots with a tripod.

This entire setup fit inside of my small laptop bag. I had a portable shooting/editing setup wherever I went, and it was incredibly discreet and convenient.

I hope to shoot many more projects with this same setup.