Adventure in India: Chowpatty Beach. Mumbai, India.

Mumbai is an amazing city, there is no doubt. Besides the thick air pollution (that eventually gave all three of us a nasty sinus infection) Mumbai is the perfect place to meet local people, eat well, learn about Indian culture (including a passionate devotion to Cricket) and see the multiple ethnic groups that form India’s most commercial and cosmopolitan city.

It wasn’t until I went to Chowpatty Beach in Mumbai that I witnessed how Indians spend thier leisure time.

Arriving at nightfall, the string of hotels, restaurants, and food stalls circle the bay like a pearl necklace. Under the cool night sky, young Indian couples and families come to Chowpatty Beach to socialize, eat roasted corn and nuts, ride carnival rides and stroll the moonlit beach.

It was great to speak with local people about the other side of Indian life, when people are chilling out from work and reconnecting with thier families on the beach.

The night after Chowpatty Beach, we headed south to Goa via a 13hr train ride. Things did not go according to plan, but such is the way of the train system here.

Next post will deal with that train ride and our arrival in Goa, which if anything is the opposite of Mumbai in every respect.